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2 years ago 0 2105
A Sarasota man just won $1 million playing a scratch-off game.
3 years ago 0 1426
There's alot of cool facts about winning and playing the lottery.
3 years ago 0 1503
Florida Lottery debuts four new Scratch For Life Games.
3 years ago 0 3561
A $5 scratch-off lottery ticket made one Loxahatchee area man very happy. The ticket was worth $500,000. Who's ...
3 years ago 0 4558
There's a new multi-millionaire in Broward County. Angel Manzanarez bought a scratch-off lottery ticket and became a $15-million ...
3 years ago 0 1895
Law enforcement agents for the Florida Lottery have made an arrest in their ongoing "Operation Integrity" crackdown.
3 years ago 0 1243
The Florida Lottery system will be down from late Sunday night until after 10am Monday for a software ...
3 years ago 0 2206
Here are five money moves to make if you win the Powerball jackpot (or any lottery for that ...
6 years ago 0 1099
The jackpot for Florida’s Mega Millions is up to an estimated $310 million, the result of rollovers since ...


Coronavirus News
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