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Preparations for Grand Celebration Day

Preparations for the spectacular opening ceremony began days before, most important was the installation of the high wire that Nik Wallenda and his mom, would cross the next day. 17 floors up, with no net!

From our 12th floor room, we had a birdseye view off all of the preparation and activities that would be taking place poolside the next day.

The highlight was the high wire 17 stories up, that Nik Wallenda, 40, and his mother, Delilah, 66 were going to cross.

Once we were outside, there was Nik, the same Nik who captivated the world when he crossed Niagra Falls, Times Square and the Grand Canyon going over details with his crew and testing the support cables.  (FYI—there was no safety net)


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Coronavirus News
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